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Day 6 – The field and coracle

In another long and hot day we filmed 2 more scenes and were fortunate to have a very patient horse and handler on set. In the evening we moved to a different location around an old boathouse to film Hopcyn (Nathan) finding the mudlark for the first time. The coracle supplied by Martin Morgan was a perfect prop to bring the scene to life.

Day 5 – The Den

We moved to a lovey location in the Wye Valley to change the look of a barn to match the hidden den of Shemi. The extras loved getting dirty for the shot as they played young wayward mudlarks. Extra considerations for this part of the filming with Charlie needing to be thrown about a little!

The Horse

Looking for a couple of horses was the next step and a big consideration. We need 1 to be trained to lie down still and stay lay down with the actors while the production carries on around. That is not an easy thing for the horse and something we are mindful of to avoid any injury’s.

Max has been out visiting a number of equestrian centres to find not only the right looking horse for the period but one that is trained in film and can be counted on to play its role as well as the actors! In addition we also need to have Charlie (and stunt double) trained in bare back riding for some of the scenes to come.


Finding props is something that Max really enjoys so he was in his element searching various places for the right period props. He has found a vast array to be used in the filming from local curistory shops to car boots and online. Bryan Hennasy who owns Knick Knacks in Whitecroft also turned out to be a little gold mine.