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Day 3 and 4 – The Tavern

Set at the stunning Hellens Manor, this was to be one of the most challenging but exciting part of the shoot so far with a lot to organise and keep cast and crew safe. The content here underpinning the film.

Day 2 – We move upstairs

With the main kitchen scene complete we moved to the bedroom and living room on Day 2 where Sebastian proved a one take wonder as the young mudlark on Christmas Day while Holly and William played their roles perfectly despite the eerie “knock on the door”.

Day 1 – And so it begins

Off to a great start allowing us to set the scene. Difficult times for all productions but cast and crew kept safety in mind.

Location Scouting

Today we spent the day looking at locations for two main scenes. The Tavern and Hopcyn’s cottage.
We were made very welcome at both Hellens Manor and the Dean Heritage Centre and feel these could be ideal locations for filming.